Category: Word - The Dark Inventory
In July of 2010 I started a series of images that all followed the same portrait style with a black, comic-book shaped frame.  This was because I wanted a rule or law to stick to, and because I like the idea of things being the same but different, in the way that songs, days, stickers, pokémon, dinosaurs, boglins, badges and people are a series of the same idea pumped out in different variations, circumstances and versions.  Collectible and growing.

In this picture, the eggs and young gods are being sucked out (and in) to a world in the process of being made. The wizard is a fool and not a real wizard.  The cats are Ampersands looking for food in the forest and the mountain is yelling out one of the mysterious and powerful creation words.  

This was the last time (to date) that anything has popped over the boundary.  Six eggs, six.

This is Kid Zero, gently bringing in the morning, armed with his Blackest Cape, Word and Sceperator, which are used for walking between worlds.  Kid Zero doesn't always look like this.  In fact once he looked like absolutely nothing at all.  

I thought him an apt envoy for the start.