Category: - The Dark Inventory
An old picture but an important one for me.  It was a rarity at the time, in that it has only one character visible, and also that it sold out.

From what I considered to be my first proper series, it was the 23rd and last to be drawn.  Of those 23 drawings about 18 I liked enough to sell prints of, there are 5 lay dying somewhere.  One of which was called 'The Planopticon Idly Mourned'.  Maybe their titles will get turned into something else.

The Fox is an aspect of the familiar of all the characters featured previously and is heading (back) to the Mountain to collate the information and feed it back into the source (me).  He was my idea for a cosmic animal, one that all the other animals would look up to and revere, mainly because I think foxes are cool and probably a bit because of the cosmic coyote that Homer encounters in the Simpsons.  Oh and Grant Morrison's fox friend from Animal Man had definately cropped up around that time.

The mountain is in the shape of the Mortality Symbol, which has become my logo, and follows my name on all drawings.  It began life in an email conversation with a friend during dull hours at the office about patterns, apophenia, synchronicity and magic and stuck with me as my own alchemical symbol because I could pile so much meaning into it.  Meaning that I could then, and still do, use to come up with more ideas for drawings, hence the title.  The mountain is the heartbeat and the fox is the blood.  
I can't say much more about it without breaking something.

Soon after this picture Elspeth came into being.*  I like to think the collected effect of those 18 live pictures and the 5 dead ones was the birth of the theme of the next series, Elspeth & The Subatomic Dredge.
*born from a paper egg onto the steps of the mountain.