Category: Skywhale - The Dark Inventory
From 2011.

Though Elspeth is supremely powerful, she is only too aware of the weakness that inherently comes with that.  A god will always be less real than the life it creates, and so in tending to this inbalance, Elspeth knowingly puts herself through periods of weakness, reality and submissiveness in order to retrieve experiences of a darker yet more powerful nature.

Achieved by temporarily trading her pockets to a benign ghost (in this case, the ghost of a volcano, seen in the print 'Elspeth & The Dreadnought Rising') for a tool of control, here she has traded her pockets for the Helioxical Head which keeps her tied to Savage Patter, the king of a measured restraint.  

Elspeth awoke on the isle and was immediately committed to the daily task of feeding waves and sharpening the whale teeth rocks that jut from the shore.  The flow of life in the sea that surrounds the rock is deeply tied to the tiniest of emanations from the typhonic memory of Patter.  His pirate wit and stone-cold drive honors the immediate environment and swamps it in sources of misadventure and yearnings for discovery, but he is a cruel and cold pebble, heartless in nature, making this is a boring, dull and yet necessary part of Elspeth's cycle.

The blessed skywhale is oft hidden from view a la deus ex machina and waits to release Elspeth from her toil at exactly the right moment.