Elspeth finds it easy to manipulate the tools of gods.  This is of great annoyance to the demimonde and villains of the dark inventory who must undergo countless trials and record to memory vast amounts of arch-chemical, verb-symbolic and ink-laden magick for even a sample of her skill.

Here she is mastering the quasi-branched Sentinel Rot, much to Calavera's chagrin.  She later bestows this tool as a means of subatomic transport upon Ravel, giving him the ability to travel through worlds with ease via sprawling branches.  Calavera has become the epitome of a Want failing to find the Need and in the process burns the country he comes from to the ground in order to retrieve the treeskill.
Here's Ravel again, unravelling his Subatomic Forestry craft to greet the Flow and present it some flowers.  The Ghost of a Bottled Fire is along for the ride too, to bring the gift of warmth, as they both owe a great debt to the Flow, for it's great and secure mastery of consequence and determinism.  It is probably wise to honour virtuosity, in whatever form it is wielded.  Looking on from the sky above, sleeps the satellite that we've all forgotten about, whipping hilarious batteries at us from up on high.