The Primer Kuk sits in the dissonant wood contemplating change. I draw lots of frogs and each time they look really different.  It's strange how I can draw them in radically different ways but they're always recognisable as a frog.  I figured it's the same guy who just wishes to be seen differently each time.

So here he is, half there, half not.  About to change or having just changed.  Hence the nervous cigarette.  Half asleep under the chair is Neomi.  This is where the dissonant wood becomes relative.  It is two places in one skin.  Leave the dark and cold version only to return instantly and find it dappled, sun-kissed and full of life.  The cold one is ruled by Kuk the frog and his familiar Neomi.  The warm one is ruled by Neomi and her familiar Kuk. 

There were some frogs mating outside my house tonight.